Zane Carney Bio 2015

Zane Carney Bio

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Zane Carney Curriculum Vitae 2015

Zane Carney Curriculum Vitae Word 2015

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Zane Carney Bio 2015

Zane Carney Bio 12:30:14 w:Links

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Zane Carney Curriculum Vitae REAL 2012

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Zane Carney Curriculum Vitae

Zane Carney Curriculum Vitae (Age 27)

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Zane Carney Curriculum Vitae 2012

Brief Profile

Zane Carney, 27, currently plays lead guitar for Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark on Broadway and is a founding member of the Los Angeles based Interscope Recording act CARNEY.

Born and half-raised in NYC, Zane moved to Los Angeles as a child and developed an affinity for the guitar in Junior High when he started performing at local blues clubs. After attending Hamilton High School Academy of Music and touring Japan with the Monterey National All-Star Big Band, he began his collegiate studies at University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music majoring in Studio/Jazz Guitar. As a Guitarist and former Oboist, many of his schooling years included performances with Symphony Orchestras and Chamber Groups which lead to an educational background that is equally classical and jazz. This diversity of musical styles and methods helped to subconsciously form a unique sound that draws just as much from Jazz as it does Delta Blues, Rock and Roll and Impressionism.

Zane has been fortunate to tour the world (Jesse McCartney, Renee Olstead, Armand Sabal-Lecco, etc.), perform regularly on national television (Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Good Morning America, etc.), and play lead guitar as a member of Last Call with Carson Daly’s House Band. On top of this, he has performed with a diverse group of jazz artists in LA including Big Band leader John Daversa whose newly released album “Junk Wagon” features Zane in a piano-less rhythm section.

Outside of session and touring work, Zane is fortunate to have two strong outlets as an artist. One is though his band CARNEY which he shares with brother/lead singer Reeve Carney who is currently playing the title role of Peter Parker in Broadway’s Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark. CARNEY has toured the US, Canada and Australia opening for U2, Fergie, The Veronicas, The Black Crowes and Gov’t Mule. The other is Zane’s Solo vision which features his virtuosity as both a guitarist and singer as he performs original instrumental guitar pieces, old world covers and new material that is being developed for his debut album.

When finding time to teach, Zane focuses on his passion for harmony and theory in hopes of inspiring students to find what musically moves them. Technique and facility can lead to something remarkable but taking the time to understand the “why’s” allows us to speak with even more purpose. The good news is that music theory isn’t a withered ancient tool – it’s alive in every note we choose to send forth to our listeners. It is this perspective that helps us see through the fog just enough to share our most accurate truth.



University of Southern California Thornton School of Music, Los Angeles, CA – B.A. Studio/Jazz Guitar, 2003-2004 (unfinished degree)

Private Jazz Education, Los Angeles, CA – Pat Kelley, Frank Potenza, Richard Smith

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Spotlight Awards Masterclass Series, Los Angeles, CA – Jazz Guitar Studies with Dave Koonse, 2003

Hamilton High School Academy of Music, Los Angeles, CA – Guitar/Oboe Studies, 1999-2003

National Guitar Workshop Summer Program, Los Angeles, CA – Jazz Guitar Studies, 1997-2001

Academic Positions

Head of Guitar Dept., The Chandler School, Pasadena, CA – 2003-2005

Taught beginning/intermediate guitar classes to 5th/6th grade students bi-weekly at The Chandler School while studying at USC.

Awards and Honors

Grammy Nominations, Big Band Leader John Daversa’s “Junk Wagon” is currently on the next to last ballot for 7 Grammy Nominations including “Best Large Jazz Ensemble” of which Zane is a member.

Leadership Award, Studio/Jazz Guitar Dept., University of Southern California Thornton School of Music, Awarded to one student each year who exemplifies academic excellence and a quality that brings out the best in those around him or her.

Monterey All-Star National Big Band Guitarist, Monterey Jazz Festival, one guitar position is awarded to the most outstanding guitarist in a nationwide audition search. The band travelled to Japan as part of an All-Star Jazz Band tour.

Outstanding Musician, Hamilton High School Academy of Music,awarded to the top musician of each year’s graduating class as voted on by a panel of outside professionals and professors.

SCSBOA All-Star Band, SCBOA, Zane was asked to perform in the top jazz band directed by Tom Kubis out of a pool of hundreds of guitarists from the Southern California area. This band emphasized sight reading with demanding and challenging material.

Spotlight Awards Finalist, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, after performing with the Kim Richmond Big Band to an audience of 2,000 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Zane was awarded second place in a city wide jazz competition amongst LA’s elite performing arts schools.

Guitarmaggedon National Runner-Up, Guitar Center, at the age of 16 Zane finished second place in a nationwide competition involving thousands of guitarists. He was later told by the final judges who included Steve Vai that while they wanted to award him with first place they felt wrong giving him the first place prize of a motorcycle when he wouldn’t be able to ride it for another 2 years.

Best Soloist Award, Various Jazz Festivals in College and High School, including Monterey Jazz Festival, Irvine Jazz Festival, Reno Jazz Festival, Questa Jazz Festival among others.

AP Scholar, College Board, given to students who scored a 5 on the AP Music Theory test with a nearly perfect or perfect test result

Valedictorian, Hamilton High School Academy of Music, given to 15 students whose GPA were above 4.20 and who excelled in leadership and respective creative fields out of a graduating class of over 600

Teaching Experience

Masterclass Series, Various High Schools, Los Angeles, CA – 2009-2010

Zane was asked to speak at various performing arts high school in Los Angeles including South High School in Torrence and his Alma Mater Hamilton High School Academy of Music. These were set up in hopes of encouraging students by proving that it is possible to make a living as a young professional musician in the current cultural climate.

Private Lessons, Various Advanced Students, Los Angeles/NY – 2006-Current

Zane only teaches private lessons to advanced students who are in search of discovering and understanding subtle nuances in harmony, approach and technique. Students ranging from Piano/Cello double majors at Juilliard to jazz guitarists in LA who simply want to dig deeper have sought Zane out seeing as how he does this as more of a hobby.

Professional Experience

Lead Guitarist, Oh Sit! (CW Game Show), Los Angeles, CA – 2012-Current

Zane was hired by former SNL and Rosie O’Donnell Show Musical Director Katreese Barnes to play guitar on CW’s Brand New Game Show Oh Sit! which features the Full Of Sit House Band.

Lead Guitarist, Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark, New York City, NY – 2010-Current

Zane was chosen by U2’s Bono and Edge to perform on stage as the lead rock instrument in Julie Taymor’s Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark with his band Carney

Lead Guitarist/Founding Member, CARNEY, Los Angeles, CA – 2006-Current

CARNEY signed to major label Interscope Records in 2006 and has since released “Mr. Green Vol. 1” while touring constantly. They have opened for U2, Fergie, The Black Crowes, LIVE, Gov’t Mule, The Veronicas, Gavin Degraw, and Jonny Lang among others and have built a passionate following based on their live shows which feature Zane’s improvisational approach heavily in a band that draws comparisons to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Radiohead, Queen, The White Stripes, The Beach Boys and Jeff Buckley.

Co-Producer/Guitarist, Natasha Beddingfield (Phonogenic/Epic) – 2010

Zane was tasked with re-arranging and producing a more organic version of Natasha Beddingfield’s hit single “Unwritten” for The Series Finale of The Hills. Zane played all guitar parts on it and co-produced the track with his brother Reeve Carney, star of Spider-Man’s Turn Off The Dark and Lead Singer of their band Carney.

Guitarist, Pippen, Los Angeles, CA – 2010

Directly before moving to NYC to work on Broadway’s Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark Zane was asked to take part in a 3 week run of Pippen at AMDA in Los Angeles, a role that he was sought specifically for as the guitarist would have to sight transpose/interpret guitar parts off of piano vocal scores.

Guitarist, John Daversa Big Band, Los Angeles, CA – 2008-Current

Zane has recorded with John Daversa and when living in LA performs monthly at The Baked Potato to a crowd of discerning jazz listeners

House Band Lead Guitarist, Last Call with Carson Daly, LA, CA – 2006-2008

When not touring with major label artists or Carney, Zane was a nightly member on Carson Daly’s Late Night TV show “Last Call with Carson Daly”

Musical Director, Katie Melua (Dramtico), Los Angeles/New York – 2009-2010

Zane was asked to hire, direct and rehearse a band and string quartet for BRIT Award Winning and Platinum Record Selling UK artist Katie Melua for a string of Television dates including Jimmy Kimmel Live and Good Morning America

Guitarist, Matt Morris/Justin Timberlake (TenMann Records) – 2010

Zane performed and was featured on two songs that were produced by Justin Timberlake for Matt Morris’ debut album “When Everything Breaks Open” including his lead single “Live Forever” which features a 45 second outro of layered guitar work that Justin Timberlake was excited to have as a central moment in the piece.

Resident Guitarist, The Music Collective – 2009-Current

Performing on various films, commercial ads and placements, Zane has been hired on a consistent basis by Alan Ett and Alec Puro at The Music Collective

Lead Guitarist, Armand Sabal-Lecco – 2006-2008

Zane toured Europe with legendary bassist Armand Sabal-Lecco (Stanley Clarke, Paul Simon, Jaco Pastorious) as part of his power trio “The Rest Of The World”

Musical Director, Nikki Flores (Sony/Epic), Los Angeles, CA – 2006-2007

Zane was tasked with taking an entire record of material and re-arranging it for an intimate full band acoustic Yahoo! Music Performance for Epic artist Nikki Flores

Guitarist, Jesse McCartney (Hollywood Records) – 2004-2007

Zane left college to tour with Hollywood Records Recording Artists Jesse McCartney after his first single “Beautiful Soul” dominated pop radio in 2004. WIth Jesse Zane performed on Jay Leno, Ellen, Good Morning America, The Kids Choice Awards In Australia and Good Morning America among others. With Jesse, Zane performed at legendary venues such as Wembley Arena, Razorback Stadium, Ryman Auditorium, Continental Airlines Arena and Sydney State Theater among others. Zane was also featured in his music videos “Right Where You Want Me” and “Because You Live”

Guitarist, Brie Larson (Hollywood Records) – 2007

Actress Brie Larson performed musically for a short while and Zane did various television and web performances before parting to work solely with Jesse McCartney. Zane was also featured in her music video “She Said”

Guitarist, Renee Olstead (Warner Brothers) – 2004-2006

After being sought out by David Foster who discovered him when visiting Hamilton High School via the Fox Music Mentoring Program, Zane was asked to join the ranks with his newest jazz artist Renee Olstead. Zane was originally asked by David Foster to play with Michael Bublé while still in High School but was unable to due to scheduling issues.

Pit Guitarist, Manzanar – 2003

Fresh out of High School Zane was asked to perform in the Pit Orchestra for a two week workshop of local playwright Dan Taguchi’s musical about the japanese internment camps in Northern California.

Performed/Shared Stage with:

Stevie Wonder, David Foster, India Arie, Byron Miller, Ronald Brunner, Stephen Brunner, Armand Sabal-Lecco, Philip Bailey, Verdine White, Adam Levy, Barbara Morrison, Gary Burton, James Valentine (Maroon 5), Jeff Clayton, John Hamilton, John Clayton, Jonny Lang, and Roy Hargrove among many others.


Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Sight Reading, Arranging, Orchestrating, Producing, Baritone/Tenor Voice, Electric Bass, Nylon String Guitar, Drum Set, Oboe and English Horn, Piano, Mandolin



Hofner Archtop Guitars, Fender Guitars, Siegmund Guitar Amplifiers, George L’s Guitar Cables, Thomastik-Infeld Guitar Strings,  Levy’s Leathers Gig Bags and Straps, Tone Tubby Hemp Cone Speakers, Godlyke Distribution Pedals, Voodoo Labs, Ernie Ball Volume Pedals, Hughes and Kettner, Electro-Harmonix Guitar Pedals

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Zane Carney Bio

Zane Carney – Bio (2012)

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